Sunday, January 16, 2011

Trail Riders

Thomas Hart Benton is one of my favorite artists- I truly admire his style of work. The lines and shapes that he creates have this wonderful flowing and melting quality that are so distinct. This is a burning I did based on his painting, 'Trail Riders'. You might notice this has a similar quality to the landscape I burned into a side table- which I also use for my banner image at the top of my blog page- also based on a Benton painting. 18"x 24" on birch

Hancock 309 Gallery and Consignment

Last night SNAC had their opening reception at Hancock 209 Gallery and Consignment in Dorcester. I had some of my burnings on display along with this diptych which is acrylic on wood. The back story: I've always been intrigued by Edgar Allen Poe. When I lived in Providence, I lived on Benefit Street a few houses down from a historic home where a woman named Helen Whitman lived. She and Poe had an affair in which her family did not approve. So they were forced to meet in secret- directly behind her house was a stone staircase that led down to a cemetary where they would go to be alone. They never married due to the family feud, but were very deeply in love; Poe even wrote a famous love poem about her called "Helen". This painting is of Helen in the cemetary still 'waiting' for Poe. You can see the stone steps behind her leading up to her house. A romantic tragedy in my eyes...