Thursday, February 11, 2010

Women With Car

I've finished a few more pieces for my upcoming show on April 17th at Gallery X in New Bedford. This one is from another old family photo and is burned on 10"x 8" baltic birch. The last few pieces have been just as small, (including another one I haven't posted yet) so my next piece is going to be a bit bigger.

I've been working on some new kitchen cabinets for work, and this past week I've been taking off the old ones. I snagged a few that have a nice decorative arch on them that I think will make for the perfect burning. I think doing some pieces on some cool found objects (wooden of course, such as the cabinets) will really liven things up for a while. Maybe an old violin or guitar will be next? Who knows...feel free to send me any old items you may have up in the attic that would make for a great woodburning masterpiece...