Saturday, October 23, 2010

Unique Boutique

Come join me at the Unique Boutique Artisan's Fair on Saturday, November 6th. I'll have some brand new pieces on display- and since Christmas will be near, I'll be doing hand burned personalized Christmas ornaments! Also, if you are interested in a custom piece, you can drop off or email your photograph to .

Looking forward to seeing you there!

Scituate Art Festival

A few weekends ago was the Scituate Art Festival. I took this picture on the morning of the third day, and it was looking a little empty! Which is awesome- because that means that it was a very successful weekend. I sold tons of boxes, bowls, coasters, Christmas ornaments, cutting boards and original artwork! The next few weeks will be very busy- restocking for my November 6th show at the Rotunda on Easton Beach in Newport, and filling the Christmas orders that are starting to come in. So if you are thinking about an original woodburning for a gift this year, get your orders in now so I can have it ready by Christmas!

I'm excited for Christmas this year because Steve has promised me... my very first... REAL Christmas tree! Growing up we always had a fake one- if we even put one up at all- and the past ten years I've lived in apartments which weren't exactly Christmas tree friendly. But this year we have our new house with plenty of space for a pretty, perfect, real Christmas tree! Oh, the little things in life...

Set of Six Refinished Chairs

Here are a set of six antique chairs that I refinished. They were in need of some TLC- very worn with who knows how many years of finishes and dust layered on top of the original paint. I took the seats and legs down to bare wood and hoped to preserve the paint on the tops which had a faint stenciled design on them. I masked the tops and sprayed the bottoms black, then carefully hand sanded the tops to remove the years of grossness, yet preserving the painted stencil work. I couldn't believe it when the designs started to re-emerge, it was like finding a buried treasure! I distressed the freshly painted bottoms a bit to match the look of the top. I finished them all up with a few layers of clear gloss lacquer and the final product looks like this:
Ta Da! I loved this project, and might have started collecting some small pieces of furniture that people have left on the side of the road. One person's trash is another one's treasure, right?? I keep trying to tell that to Steve. He is not very happy that I have started bringing stinky old furniture home. But it has so much potential!! You just wait, I will turn them all into masterpieces.