Friday, March 23, 2012

This wood burning is on cherry. I painted the background using acrylic and a putty knife. It is of my grandmother when she was a teenager. She was eighty when I was born, and we were very close. When I got engaged last spring, my fiance proposed with my grandmother's engagement ring that he had gotten from my parents. I love it.

Wedding plans are coming along. It's been fun planning everything. I'm making my own centerpieces and decorations which has been interesting. We are going to have the ceremony and reception at my fiance's family's cottage on the water. It will all be outside with a fabulous view. I am so excited, I can't wait!!!


This wood burning was done on an old cherry cabinet. I added the blue wash with acrylic to add a little color. I also painted the frame of the cabinet with black lacquer. This is done from an old family photograph, although it looks like it could have been taken from a movie. I was intrigued by it because there is definitely a story behind this picture. Was he having car trouble and waiting for help? Who was he with, and who took the photo?